ALPTREES – Opening of the Exhibition of the wooden products

18. februarja 2022
Each product in the ALPTREES Exhibition carries its own story, as does each individual Tree.

On Tuesday, 15th February 2022, despite the rain, we successfully opened the ALPTREES Exhibition of wooden products from Invasive Non-native and overlooked Native wood species in the Art & Craft Centre DUO Škofja Loka. The ALPTREES Exhibition was prepared by students of the Secondary School of Wood Engineering, Škofja Loka School Centre in cooperation with their teachers – mentors.

At the opening of the ALPTREES Exhibition, the students presented what brought to them the participation in the ALPTREES project and in the implementation of the Exhibition:

  • “We are proud to have managed to produce what we planned.”
  • “I especially liked the group work.”
  • “We got a chance to prove ourselves!”
  • “I have proved to myself that the doubts of others must not stop me, that my goals can be higher.”


These are the first independent projects from 3rd year grade students of the Secondary School of Wood Engineering Škofja Loka. The students during the process of planning and development of wooden products got acquainted with a wide range of characteristics of Non-native Tree Species that travelled to us from other continents of the world. Among those, the most common by us are Black locust, Red oak, Ash-leaved maple, Tree of heaven. At the same time, the students acquainted also with the overlooked Native Tree species, that are rarely used in making wood products. They discovered the characteristics of Silver birch, Scots pine, Wilde cherry, Black alder.


The starting point of the Exhibition is much wider than discovering the useful value of wood. During the development of the products, the students dealt with current topics that at first glance are not directly related to Non-Native Tree Species. They thought about migration, the life cycle (of individuals and products), the issue of climate change, sustainability and a healthy living environment.

The Exhibition will be open until the 25th of March 2022.


You are warmly invited to see the wooden products, each telling its own story!


Invitation: Exhibition Do Trees Travel?!


More about the project ALPTREES.

ALPTREES project is co-financed from the transnational program Interreg Alpine Space from Europe Union, European Regional Development Found.




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